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Monday, May 9, 2011

A new android app store

I want to bring attention the amazon appstore. I installed it immedietly after receiving an email. If it isn't obvious already, I am an android fanboy!
1. Very friendly layout, much better then the stock android market. 
One thing that really annoys me with the stock android market app is auto updates. I have an Htc Aria, and it doesn't have unlimited memory. At one point, I would turn on the stock app and my phone would slow to a crawl from the market trying to update 3-4 apps at once. None of them were apps I chose either. The most annoying one was Google Maps.
2. Free paid App everyday.
This is probably the main reason I still have this market downloaded. And you might be thinking something along the lines of "They must give you a crappy app". This is not true! The free paid app of the day comes directly from the list of Top Paid apps. And while some aren't that great (For example, Gentle Alarm, the app that is free today), most are. My favorite app that has come out is Zenonia 2. I would say it is the best rpg for the android os. It is normally five dollars, and I was absolutely excited when I saw it was the free app of the day. Hours of fun.
1. At&t restrictions
For those who have an android phone under at&t, you know that you cannot download third party apps. That pretty much means those with at&t can't download the amazon appstore, and if you do figure out a way, (Who hasn't) you really can't use the appstore to download any of the apps, which renders it pointless!
2. Strings Attached?
I have read in multiple reviews for the appstore and apps themselves that all the apps require you to have the amazon appstore downloaded and signed in. One disgruntled reviewer wrote about disconnecting his account, and being asked to sign in when trying to run his application. If this is true, and I can't say it is, that sucks!


free paid app everyday?
that awesome time to cash in

Wow, this Amazon store looks awesome. Now if only I had an Android phone.

at&t locking their android phones is nonsense. I need to switch to, ugh, verizon, i guess.

What is going on guys? When will these devices link directly into out brains?

Awesome, sadly, I only have wp7

I kind of want an android now. Thanks for the read!

I've used an Android before, and I want to switch out my iPhone for one.

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