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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day 10 – Favorite classic movie

Day 10 – Favorite classic movie

Seven Samurai (1954)


Akira Kurosawa 10/10
I'm not to sure what this movie challenge means by 'classic movie' but I chose Seven Samurai anyways. This movie is really long, but it is another one of my favorites for sure. I love samurai movies, this might be the best of them. Most violent films fail to show the  repercussions of the violence itself. This movie doesn't ignore the consequences. This movie gets to my savage side, I like seeing the bad guy get cut up and lose. This movie is pretty dark, a enemy would be knocked off his horse, and try to crawl away while the villagers would stab him. I recommend it!


Great post! Keep up the good work!

i dont think i would fancy that one

not exactly my cup of tea

Seven Samurai is really a great film.

Thanks for the recommendation! I'm a big fan of samurai movies too.

I've heard a alot about this but never actually seen it.

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