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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Day 03 – A movie that makes you really happy

Day 03 – A movie that makes you really happy


Director: Greg Mottola 10/10

Superbad..this movie is definitely my favorite comedy. This came out while I was just starting my sophomore year in high school (I'm 19). This movie made that whole year amazing. I think I have watched this movie probably 20 times since it has came out. And while It's not as surprising as when I first seen it, It still makes me laugh everytime. I think everyone remembers the dick drawing scene. If you want to see the scene, skip the video to 4:40. This movie made me want to party, and do stupid things. I remember watching this movie in theaters and just being blown away by how it captured my humor perfectly. I recommend this movie for anyone (with a sense of humor).


One of my favorite movies in the past 5 years for sure!

Hahahahaha, I had forgot about the dick drawing thing. >.<

Every time I draw a dick I am like.... "dude what is this.... sooo gay!"

Definitely the best parts! You should add a chat widget to your blog so fellow insomniacs can talk to you in real time.

I only saw this movie once, I've been wanting to rewatch it. About the only thing I do remember is the dick drawing scene.

I've watched it a few times and it never fails to amuse. Funny ass flick.

I've seen this movie at least 10 times. Its always funny, and I don't care if that makes my sense of humor a little immature!

yep i've seen this one! liked it :)

hilarious movie! and emma stone is soo hot

Fantastic posts. Loved your blog! Keep up the good work :)

Man this movie is so awesome ;D

haha i love this move!!!

A McLovin ID came with the DVD release of the movie until it got pulled off the shelves. Wish I had one of those!

Yea this is defiantly a great movie
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