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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bin Laden...still...

<--This is from a screenshot I took from the CNN website. They have a special section for Bin Laden news, I find that hilarious and annoying at the same time. Why can't it just be news! I wasn't going to comment anymore till I read the names of the articles. Obviously the porn found in the compound is funny news, but I
was more annoyed with "Pakistan parliament condemns U.S. raid". Pakistan's parliament has condemned the United State's actions. Are you fucking kidding me? Excuse my language, but really? Do they think they look good doing this? What is it going to look like if Pakistan does cut off access to the country? It's going to look like they would have cut us off and severed ties because we killed a terrorist they were harboring in their country.
Failure to end unilateral U.S. raids and drone attacks will force Pakistan to "to consider taking necessary steps, including withdrawal of (the) transit facility" used by the NATO's International Security Assistance Force, according to the resolution.
 How do you guys feel? Next, is the "Porn said to be found in compound". I personally find this hilarious. This just pretty much shows this guy was human, weird right? They also describe his porn stash as large. Well of course! We get bored, no one likes to fap to the same thing more then..twice (my opinion). I wonder what he liked, I bet he had an ironic fetish for American women.


where is the proof!!!!
i want photos

Insane, whoever isn't in power is always questioning and when it's the other way around they bitch when they question.

Hopefully in the coming days there are articles discussing the exact nature of the materials found in the compount

Awesome post man! Keep up the great blogging!

They can't be serious...

yeah, I don't like how much media osama's getting.

I would fine this funny, but I know someone, somewhere, will now draw a link from porn to terrorism.

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To be fair, I'm sure the pakistani parliament is getting heat for letting the raid happen in the first place. The people of pakistan doon't particularly like the US, so these kinds of 'strained relations' aren't unexpected.

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