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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hangover 2 Review and Day 14/13

The Hangover Part II! Last night I had the pleasure of watching the midnight premier. And to be honest, I would have to rate it a 7/10. This movie seemed to lack the charm of the original Hangover.

What really bothered me throughout the movie was Alan (Zach Galifianakis). In the first movie, his awkward sayings and behaviors where the reason he was so funny and really livened up the whole thing. If anyone has seen Due Date, you know that there is definitely a limit on the awkward behavior before it just comes annoying and completely unfunny. I had prayed that Todd Phillips wouldn't make the same mistake twice. Hangover 2 was in the middle, behavior wise, between Hangover and Due Date, which is still too much Alan for me.

Hangover Part II unbalanced the mix of shock and creativity by really ramping up the shock. Sure it's shocking, but not really funny or interesting.. This movie really lacked in the witty sayings of Hangover 1. Where is the new 'One Man Wolfpack'! Maybe I wasn't paying enough attention but who knows.

Too be honest, I am starting to lose faith in Todd Phillips. And even though Hangover 2 has a 32% percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, I am already sure that a Hangover 3 will probably come out!

Day 14 – A movie that no one would expect you to love
Sixteen Candles (1984)


John Hughes 9/10
I'm pretty sure anyone who knows me would never ever think this as a movie I like. I usually watch a lot of violent movies, so Sixteen Candles is definitely not the usual thing. I actually was bored one day and watched this on tv. The thing is, I like 80's high school movies, who doesn't!? They are so..funny but in an 80's unique way of being funny. Oh and Molly Ringwald was pretty cute.

Day 13 – A movie that is a guilty pleasure

Avatar (2009)


James Cameron 8/10
There is no doubt about it, this is the most overrated movie there is. This movie ended its theater showings with a total gross of $2,782,275,172 dollars worldwide. And it really does seem to copy from Titanic and from Pocahontas. It also has a really obvious political message; That armies and corporations are bad. Even with all of that combined, I still love this movie. I actually seen this movie in 3d on the midnight premier. I think the 3d is what bought me, it was amazing, it was almost too life like at some points.


i though hangover 2 would be bad, but from your review it might be worth seeing! they just copied hangover 1...

hangover 2 will kick ass

I'm sure is not going to be as good as the 1st one.

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Avatar is Dances With the Smurfs...6.5/10 in my book

thanks for the blog very intresting

Ken Jeong is an amazing actor.

I always thought hangover 2 was going to flop hard.

I still want to go see The Hangover 2 a lot :)

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