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Thursday, May 19, 2011

My hard drive and Day 07 – The most surprising plot twist or ending

Well, it looks like my hard drive has taken a crap. In my past experience, hard drives problems slowly build up, that way you actually know there is something wrong. Mine, however, decided to stop working today randomly.
<-- This is from a screenshot I literally just took. Apparently chrome has corrupt files. Honestly guys, I don't know what to do other then just buy a new hard drive. Could it be possible that there is another problem? My blogs are going to be done for a while on my iPad while I try and get a new hard drive. And since this post is short, Ill just continue my movie challenge here.
Day 07 – The most surprising plot twist or ending

Oldboy (2003)


Chan-wook Park 10/10
This is one of my favorite movies. I love everything about it, its so dark and amazing. This movie definitely has one of the biggest plot twists I have seen. It's pretty clever how the signs are there but at the same time it is completely unpredictable. The main character Oh Dae-Su is imprisoned for 15 years, and after he is released, the movie is spent trying to figure out who placed him there and why. This movie has an amazing fighting scene in a hallway that is completely realistic and the awesome thing is this long fight is all one uncut scene. This movie doesn't lack in blood and violence at all, its one of the most gritty movies I have seen. I recommend this for everyone who hasn't seen it. You don't know what you are missing. 


The HD is probably fine. Run the Check Disk utility like it says. worst thing that will happen is it'll seal off that part of your hard drive & you'll have to reinstall chrome. Then again, it could just be some problem with Win7. If it happens again after running the utility & reinstalling chrome, then yea, your hd is kaput.

I really need to see Oldboy. I keep hearing about it but haven't bothered to watch it yet.

Get a copy of Fedora and run a disc check. A lot of viruses are pulling this bullshit these days, so use something reliable and free to check, like fedora. Seriously.

I'm computer illiterate, so I'll just wish you best of luck with your harddrive! Hopefully FrostyC & Xenototh's advice fixes it up!

I ran the check disk and I guess there was some corruption on the hard drive, so its all fixed now, thanks guys.

ok another good movie that i've missed.. ill watch it! thanks

I never had that chrome error exely

Did not know the movie but the trailer doesn't look bad. Oh and to your hardware problem: save ur most important files and format the PC.
It takes 40minutes to delete and setup win7 again. No big deal and u can fix 50% of the problems why ur pc is so slow or buggy. I gotta do the same soon. : ) good luck

Try reformatting. That always help me.

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