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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bowling when sick

Bowling when your sick sucks!! Go a 108 and a 116, which was surprising for how bad I did. Matt was extremely close to getting a 200, and has gotten like 200 the past few classes. Way to make me feel bad right =D. Wicked Siege ftw. Anyways, today has been such a lazy day! It feels great after writing a big research paper for a couple weeks. And with no homework due for English 101 this week, I have no pressure on me what so ever, it feels good man. I do have programming homework, but i am sure it will be a piece of cake. 'Xor' will solve all my problems =]


Went to school when i was a special kind of sick, thought i was going to walk into everything. felt as if my feet had minds of their own.


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